KE801 Fiber&Copper - Cable Finder Kit


At a glance

  • Six built-in tones
  • Over voltage protected up to 500 V AC
  • Audible and visually continuity testing
  • Alarm Tone by voltage > 100 V AC
  • Data-Port-test and HUB-blink-function
  • Build-in Fiber Opitc Fault Locator 650 nm
    with < 1 mW Power
  • Laser Mode with modulated, audible frequency 270 Hz and 1 KHz detectable with power meter
  • Universal 2,5 mm jack for Fiber test
  • Signal strength LED with noise filter
  • Torch light build in

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Technical Specifications
Optional Accessoires

The KE801 Kit (EasyTest KE800/PROBE KE410) improves speed and confidence in the installation and maintenance of multimedia communications cabling.

EasyTest KE800 can transmit either three continous tones (Solid) or three alternating tones (Alt). In function Continuity it is possible to check for shorts or opens up to 40 kOhm, visible by a green LED and audible by a resistance depending tone. The EasyTest KE800 is able to send the tone into live telephone lines without disturbing services (tone will still be audible). Over voltage protection is in any mode up to 500 V AC. EasyTest KE800 provides solid Alligator Clips and special RJ11 and RJ45 plugs with strain relief and PIN 1 + 8 protection slots. If the RJ45 plug is inserted into an active LAN jack in the DATA mode, the DATA LED will pulse brightly, and the associated link activity light on the conventional LAN hub or switch will begin to blink. In the CONT position EasyTest leads and RJ11 plug will indicate short circuits (zero ohms to 100KOhm).

The capacitive PROBE410 is high sensitive and is working from EasyTest KE300 or any other tone generator to identify and trace wires or cables. The double, HIGH and LOW volume switch made of high dust and moisture resistant mylar membrane allows fast and easy operation.
The PROBE410 detects a cable from a distance of up to 100 cm (33"). The nearly unbreakable tip made of carbon fiber prevents shorts or disturbance of telephone or data lines and is field replaceable. The slender design allows high precision tracing of pairs, even in bundles or 110 / KRONE blocks. The PROBE has additionaly a filtered green signal strength LED. This LED lights only up if there is the signal from the TONER detected. All unwanted noise and power hum is not shown. The bright white LED replaces the need for a torch light in dark distribution boxes. Even there are the colors of the wires perfect to identify.

EasyTest KE800 contains an high power Fiber Optic Fault Locator.
It is easy to use and provides a universal jack for the most connectors with a 2.5 mm Ferrule. It can be used to check singlemode / multimode optical fibers and other fiber optic components on faults. In the Laser Mode modulated, audible frequency from 270 Hz and 1 kHz in either Continous Wave or Pulse Mode are adjustable. Using a power meter with demodulation feature on the far end to detect the modulated light, the used frequency will be visible in the display.

The Kit comes with a solid belt pouch with enough space for EasyTest / PROBE410 as well as the earpiece and the user manual.

Download Datasheet

EasyTest KE800

Heavy duty water resistant housing made from ABS, elastomeric silicon rubber push button switches.

Test Leads:
10" (25 cm) durable wire leads with 4 mm bananaplugs and one with a special long  modular plug RJ11/RJ45 and latch protection with F-Connector for coax cables and 2.5 mm Fiber Jack.

Six Frequencies selectable:
1. SOLID: 1000 Hz
2. ALT: 1000/800 Hz
3. SOLID: 2600 Hz
4. ALT: 2600/1900 Hz
5. SOLID: 577,5 Hz
6. ALT: 577,5 Hz intermittant
Accuracie < +/- 1% (Quartz)

Test Continuity by LED and audible

Resistance Test by changing audible tone

Low Batt indication by flashing LED

Auto shut Off after 45 minutes

Auto shut Off override

Auto shut OFF override indication by  flashing LED

Over Voltage Protection:
Up to 500 V AC/DC in tone Mode

Trace Distance to Cable/Wire:
Up to 15” (60cm)  

Trace Cable Length :  
Up to 15 km (no load)

 High Power Output (Battery 9,2 V) :
9,0 V PP no load
10  dBm into 600 Ohm
 9   dBm into 100 Ohm
7,5 dBm into 50 Ohm
Tone over shorted pair  up to 250 m. (Inhouse)
Tone over Coax only with open end possible

Laser Source:  
Wavelength 650 nm
Optical Output Power <1 mW
Fiber coupled power:
Into singlemode fiber 9/125 µm max 600 µW
Into multimode fiber 50/125 µm max 600 µW
Operating Mode: Continuous Wave (CW) and Pulse Mode with 270 Hz / 1 KHz             
Laser Protection Class 2
Suitable Ferrule 2,5 mm, DIN, E2000, FC, SC, ST
Adapter 1.25 mm / POF available

Other Specifications: 
Gold Plated Contacts
Unit  ON - Indication by LED
Indication of ALTernating Frequency by  blinking LED 
Indication of Solid frequencie by steady LED
Test leads protected by rubber - strain relief 
Separate Battery Compartment

9V Alkaline, >100 hrs battery life Ton Mode
Optical Fiber Test < 5 Hours

2.68” x 3.75” x 1.0” (68 x 96 x 25 mm)

2.4 oz (150 g) without Battery



Heavy duty water resistant housing made from ABS.

Non-conductive solid carbon fiber tip
3.5 mm Earphone Jack
Gold Plated Contacts
Separate Battery Compartment
Red LED for ISDN signal indication

9V Alkaline, >100 hrs battery life

8.7” x 1.57” / 1.34” x 0.98” (220 x 40 / 34 x 25 mm)

1.28 oz (80 g) without Battery

Download User Manual


Light weight earpiece: to increase the sensitivity or reduce noise the PROBE can be used with an earpiece.

Breakout adapter: no need to open any socket, the adapter connects clips to jacks. It allows alligator clips from EasyTest to connect to specific terminals within modular jacks to monitor lines and make tests.

Fiber Adapter for EasyTest KE800: Fiber Adapter 2,5 mm - 1,25 mm for EasyTest KE800 of our Cable Finder Kit KE801 Fiber&Copper. 

EasyTest KE800
Solid belt pouch