KE7200 Ethernet Performance Tester


  • Checks for wiring errors in Network cabling
  • Cable length measurement (TDR)
  • Mesaurement can be stored and transfered to PC
  • Port identification on active port- network equipment
  • Power over Ethernet Test to IEEE802.3af/at standard
  • Tests LAN using Static IP or DHCP
  • List of active LAN devices with IP and Name
  • PING with different frame sizes
  • High power trace tone signal to use with ProbeKE310
  • Master identifies up to 32 individual Remotes
  • Master and Remotes over voltage protected to 100 Volt

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Technical Specifications
Optional Accessories

The KE7200 Ethernet Performance Tester is an easy-to-use tool that verifies and troubleshoots all types of Ethernet cable installation, from essential copper wiring tests to active IP Ping. 
Advanced copper test capabilities include active TDR for cable lenght measurement and detection of split pairs even on jumpers (down to 2 meters). The KE7200 even shows multiple faults simultaneously.

 tests for wire continuity, opens, shorts, miswires and split pairs.
It also displays the lenght of the cable.

The KE7200 finds and displays network-connected devices with their IP/MAC adresses. It works either DHCP or fixed IP services. Connected devices can be PINGed one by one with selective frame lenths and CRC errors are displayed if they occur.

 not only checks for ability of Power over Ethernet, it detects the type available and what power level is supported. PoE is appearing more commonly as devices like wireless access points (WAP), IP cameras and IP telephones grow in popularity. Mismatches between equipment and power supply can cause a variety of problems.

KE7200 offers predefined wiring schemes, user settable via device.

It also offers different Cable types with predefined VP values, also user settable via device.

Download Datasheet

Cable Trace:
4 tones settable:
1. SOLID: 1000 Hz
2: ALT: 1000/880 Hz
3. SOLID: 2600 Hz
4: ALT: 2600/1900 Hz

Over Voltage Protection:
Master and Remotes up to 100 V 

Housing KE7200 and Remote KE7010:
Solid and weather protected ABS with Drop Protection

4 x 1,5V Alkaline Battery
Operating time up to 100 Stunden
Remote without Battery


195 x 100/78 x 45 mm
61 x 41 x 26 mm

380 g without Battery
30 g

Working temperature: -5 - +50 g Celsius
Storage temperature: -25 - +75 g Celsius
Humidity: 90% non condensing

Optional Accessories/Optional KIT:

KE7200 with 4 Remotes KE7010, Set of Test Cords, Capacitive Probe310 and Carrying Bag

KE7010 Remote:
single Remote KE7010, programmable ID (up to 32 Remotes can be used simultaneously)

KE7010 KIT:
4 Remotes KE7010, programmable ID and Pouch

4 Remotes KE7010, programmable ID, Capacitive Probe310 and Pouch 

  • KE7200 Ethernet Performance Tester
  • 2 active Remotes KE7010
  • Set of Test Cords
  • Carrying bag
  • Manager Software for Windows
  • User Manual