Company transfer of Kurth Electronic GmbH to GOSSEN METRAWATT GmbH

Company transfer of Kurth Electronic GmbH to GOSSEN METRAWATT GmbH

Company transfer of Kurth Electronic GmbH to GOSSEN METRAWATT GmbH

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear longtime partners and customers,
hello measurement technology fans,

you probably still remember that the team of Kurth Electronic GmbH already announced the integration at the GMC-Instruments Group with headquarters in Nuremberg in May of this year.

During these weeks this integration takes place and we would like to take you with us on this journey and keep you up to date. The GMC-Instruments Group includes established brands in test and measurement technology such as GOSSEN METRAWATT, CAMILLE BAUER and SEAWARD.
From the 01st of July 2023 you will also find Kurth Electronic in the row of well-known test and measurement technology manufacturers, brand and portfolio as you know it.
Gossen Metrawatt GmbH will be the legal successor with all rights and obligations of Kurth Electronic GmbH. The KURTH ELECTRONIC brand will continue to be used as an independent brand of Gossen Metrawatt GmbH. The products of KURTH ELECTRONIC brand can also be purchased as before through your usual sales channels.

Your familiar direct contact partners will continue to be available to you.
These are:

Alexander van Staa

Alexander van Staa
Manager of
International Sales
Tel: +49 160 98610394

Jens Dickert

Jens Dickert
Sales Germany PLZ 0-4
Tel: +49 170 1016673

Uwe Hinderer

Uwe Hinderer
Sales Germany PLZ 5-9
Tel: +49 171 1479649

Important additional info:

Regarding the previous landline number +49 7121 9755-0:
This number will be forwarded to the internal sales department of Gossen Metrawatt GmbH, your call will not be lost or not answered!

Regarding the contact email addresses of your contact persons:
For the time being, please continue to use the addresses you currently have to reach your contact persons directly. As soon as we have received direct email addresses from Gossen Metrawatt GmbH, we will inform you again.

Please send your orders already now to the new address No more orders will be accepted via

Furthermore, as of July 1st, 2023, you can’t meet us at our usual location anymore. Our whole headquarters will be relocated to Gossen Metrawatt in Nuremberg.
The new address is:
Gossen Metrawatt GmbH
Südwestpark 15
90449 Nuremberg

For repair cases with a Kurth Electronic device the Gossen Metrawatt Service GmbH will be responsible from now on. Here the postal address is:
GMC-I Service GmbH
Beuthener Straße 41
D-90471 Nuremberg

Please send the defective device with an error description to this address, the colleagues there will contact you immediately.

We are convinced that the integration of Kurth Electronic GmbH offers an excellent opportunity to further strengthen our market position and to continuously expand our product solutions for you.

Thank you very much for the long-standing partnership and trust in Kurth Electronic.
Rest assured that also and especially through this integration both this trust and the quality of our portfolio will continue to be available to you at the top level you know Kurth Electronic for.

See you soon,
Your Kurth Electronic team