How do Wi-Fi antennas work and what are they good for?

In the digital world, the use of the Internet is an important aspect in both private and business environments. Every computer, every smartphone and every printer should be able to communicate with each other, preferably flexibly via Wi-Fi. The connection of additional devices can lead to various problems, such as the Wi-Fi signal is not […]


How are network cables laid properly?

Nowadays, in every private household there are computers, tablets, smartphones and other end devices that can be connected to the network and the Internet either wirelessly or by cable. When connecting new hardware, it may be necessary to reinstall a network cable. This post focuses on the following questions: How can terminal devices be securely […]


What does calibration mean?

During the period of digitization, measurements are carried out to test DSL connections to ensure that connections comply with specified standard values and thus lie within their tolerance range. In order to be able to measure these values accurately, a calibrated measuring technique is required. But what does calibrated measurement technology mean? Why are measuring […]


What is a TDR measurement?

Existing copper cables can be used for the expansion of an existing communication structure. The alternative to this is completely new cabling. This raises the following questions: How can an existing line be checked? Where are possible faults located? How does a TDR meter basically work? One way to check lines is the so called […]


How is the fibre optic network structured?

The original communication network was based on analogue data and implemented using copper cables. However, the progress of technology is becoming faster from time to time and the necessary transmission rates must increase accordingly. Nowadays, copper cables are gradually being replaced by modern fibre optic cables. But what expansion stages are there at all? How […]


Testing cables: A guide for ICT installations

Comprehensive guide on how to use line tracers, network testers and locating devices to test e.g. network cables and correct wiring faults.