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How is Wi-Fi tested?

What is Wi-Fi and how does it work? These and other questions are explained in more detail in this blog post.


What is a fibre optic cable and what is it used for?

How does a fibre optic cable work? What types are there and what are their strengths? We explain that to you in this post.


How do Wi-Fi antennas work and what are they good for?

How a Wi-Fi antenna works: What you can do to amplify the Wi-Fi signal and which surrounding factors have to be considered.


How are network cables laid properly?

How terminal devices can be securely connected to the Internet and what types of network cables can be used generally.


What does calibration mean?

What calibrated measurement technology means: Why measuring instruments are subject to tolerances and when these tolerances should be adjusted.


What is a TDR measurement?

Time Domain Reflectometry, TDR for short, is a method for easy identification and localization of cable faults.


How is the fibre optic network structured?

Which expansion stages of the fiber optic network are concealed behind FTTx and which technologies can be realized by the new fiber optic network.


Testing cables: A guide for ICT installations

Comprehensive guide on how to use line tracers, network testers and locating devices to test e.g. network cables and correct wiring faults.