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TP09D Analogue test telephone

TP09D: Water-proof test telephone

  • Analogue test telephone, protected in accordance with IP54
  • Voltage, current and polarity display
  • Direct flash button / pulse and tone dialing
  • Monitor with active and passive line
  • DTMF evaluation in monitor mode
  • Shows calling number: Caller ID (CID) and
  • Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
  • Call number memory and much more
KE2500 Telco Multimeter

KE2500: Telco multimeter with auto tests

  • Measurement of voltage AC/DC incl. AC frequency, line resistance and loop resistance with high interference immunity and calculation of line length
  • Insulation and scattering loss, capacitance and capacitance symmetry, ground line resistance, AC/DC current
  • Unbalance loss (LCL) at 1 MHz, NEXT at 1 MHz
  • PPA and signature detection
  • Automatic line measurement with / without measurement assistant e.g. KE905
  • Integrated, editable database of common cable types
  • Display of measurement results as QR code or plain text
  • Internal memory for measurement results
TalkSet Analoges Prüfheadset

TalkSet: Analogue test headset

  • For installation, commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Disturbance-free in-house communication
  • Talk mode or high-impedance monitor
  • Set consisting of a device pair

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