Functional upgrades for our MultiTest series

Functional upgrades for our MultiTest series

Our award-winning KE3700/KE3550 modular MultiTest platform now offers you new indispensable options and functions for xDSL, Ethernet and wireless LAN environments. These functions were developed with the aim of enabling the user to perform new test tasks and to be able to expand existing tests with helpful functions. Not only new devices benefit from these function upgrades, but also existing devices can be expanded quickly and easily via a licence key.

The functional upgrades at a glance

Screenshot Wi-Fi Q values

The wireless LAN interface of our MultiTester allows you to carry out triple-play tests (data/VoIP/IPTV) as well as mea- surements of quality parameters in wireless networks. The displayed parameters are directly subjected to an intuitive coloured traffic light evaluation. Areas with poor wireless LAN reception can thus be clearly identified. Extensive statistics on networks, end devices and a Wi-Fi monitor help with status analysis and troubleshooting.

Screenshot Time Trace

The new Time Trace expands the range of functions of the tests on xDSL connections immensely and is a powerful tool for the assessment of measurements over their duration. A variety of important information is displayed in the timeline, such as CRC, FEC, SNR margin or the current xDSL sync. and throughput rate during ongoing data tests.

Screenshot iPerf

iPerf provides you with a configurable performance test between server, client and data link. iPerf 3 & 2 is supported, optionally in server or client mode, protocol type UDP and TCP. The transmission measurement displays the values of the transmitted packets, bandwidth, packet size, packet losses and the jitter value in ms. iPerf is supported by all broadband interfaces that can be activated in the multi-tester: xDSL, SHDSL, Ethernet, SFP and Wi-Fi.

Screenshot IP speedtest

IP-Speedtest includes a convenient test of the internet speed at the push of a button, without any configuration by the user. Embedded in the tests of all broadband interfaces, the multitester searches for a high-performance server and starts a bandwidth test against it. The server name, the upload and download speed achieved and the result of the ping test are checked and clearly displayed.

Screenshot Trace

With the packet capture option trace, you can conveniently record the data traffic. The data is saved in the so-called “.pcap” format (packet capture). This enables you to subsequently analyse the recorded data traffic in detail using programs such as WireShark. This leaves nothing to be desired in terms of analysis. All broadband interfaces available in the MultiTester support the trace function.

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