KE301 and KE501 turn blue!

KE301 and KE501 turn blue!

KE301 and KE501 turn blue!

If you have been following our social media channels over the last few weeks, you have certainly noticed that something is happening with our EasyTest series of line tracers: In the future, the KE301 Classic and KE501 Electric cable finder and line tracer kits will too be shining in the typical Kurth-blue robe!

To accompany this announcement, we created the first comic strip to accompany this change over time on our social media channels. If you missed it – don’t worry! Of course you can read the entire comic on our website as well.

The only change for you is the appearance of our line tracers, which now fit seamlessly into our product range – they offer the full range of features with the usual high quality.

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