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KE3600 Downloads


The KE-Manager is a PC software to manage and analyze measurements made with the KE3600.  

KE3600 Firmware

The current firmware for the KE3600 has the version number 18.3.2.   If an older firmware version is installed on your device, you will have to install certain interim versions to ensure proper functioning of the device. The currently installed firmware version is displayed during the booting process of the KE3600. Download every of the following versions that have a higher version number than the one that is currently installed, and install them in ascending order. For detailed instructions, see the attached PDF. * The hardware version of the built-in KECT module can be found in the software version under Setup > System information > CU > SW-Version:
001.007.000, 001.007.003, 001.007.004: KECT3
001.020.000 to 001.023.000: KECT4
If no KECT module (copper test) is installed, please use the KECT3 version  

KE3600 Manual