KE3700: Winner of the Funkschau Readers’ Choice 2020

KE3700: Winner of the Funkschau Readers’ Choice 2020

KE3700: Winner of the Funkschau Readers’ Choice 2020

Kurthi mit Funkschau-PokalOur winner: KE3700 xDSL MultiTest

Awarded with Gold: Our KE3700 xDSL MultiTest is the ideal test device for network operator service technicians and ICT specialists. The KE3700’s innovative and modular platform can be configured entirely according to the user’s requirements. Numerous hardware and software options make it possible to combine the functions of several test devices in one housing.

The award-winning KE3700 platform supports many different interfaces, including xDSL,, SFP, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, to name a few. The Ethernet interfaces for electrical and optical signals even enable our KE3700 to perform a range of testing tasks in gigabit networks, based on FTTB/FTTH for example, as well as in the local customer network (LAN).

In addition to the classic ISDN and analogue telephony services, modern VoIP telephony can also be tested and the voice quality can be meaningfully assessed on the basis of relevant parameters. Additional comprehensive test functions for IPTV services complete the triple-play test function of our all-rounder.

A new feature is the possibility to carry out various test tasks in wireless networks in order to be able to make qualified statements about the function of 2.4 and 5 GHz WLAN networks. The test functions of the Triple Play services (Data/VoIP/IPTV) are now also available via the wireless interface.

The latest generation of our device firmware also brings numerous function optimisations as well as new measurement features. Whether IP speed test at the push of a button, the evaluation of measured values over the entire measurement time or a digital multimeter quick test, no problem with our ICT product of the year 2020!

Interview with Managing Director Henning Hörentrup

What excites you about measurement and testing technology?

Today’s world (economy) is highly networked and no longer imaginable without data traffic. With our measurement and testing technology, we make an important but often unnoticed contribution to ensuring that the world continues to turn as usual.

Describe a working day at Kurth Electronic in two words.

Varied and fulfilling.

You have been with KE since 2016, what was your personal highlight?

When we had to complete a major order, were short on time and therefore the entire company turned up to work on Saturdays to successfully complete the order (and of course the pizza dinner together on the same day).

You are a native of North Rhine-Westphalia, which Swabian peculiarity was the most alienating for you?

That a blanket here is called a “Teppich” (carpet).

Linsen mit Spätzle (Lentils with spaetzle) or Maultaschen mit Kartoffelsalat (Maultaschen with potata soalad)?

Maultaschen mit Kartoffelsalat.

What else would you like to say to the readers who voted for us in this year’s readers’ poll?

We would like to thank all the measurement experts who are convinced of our KE3700 and who voted for us this year. It is a great praise and at the same time an even greater incentive to confirm their trust in us next year. Without going into the details, we have a free update of the operating software for all KE3700 and KE3550 users in the pipeline and have developed many new feature enhancements. So we are confident that we will be able to achieve a podium position again next year. So don’t be surprised if our Kurthi announces “new update available” soon.

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