KE301 and KE501 turn blue!

Kurthi paints EasyTest devices in different colours, but is dissatisfied with them.

Currently, our Kurthi is sitting in his development workshop again and is working on the next optimization of our products. Since for Kurthi standstill means regression, he is always looking for ways to make the good even a bit better.

This time he seems to go for our popular cable and line tracers of the EasyTest series, the big helpers of ICT specialized companies.

However, something seems to bother him about the devices “KE301 Classic” and “KE501 Electro”, what can it be?

Kurthi walks helplessly in a circle and thinks hard about other colours.

Thoughtfully Kurthi runs up and down in his spot. He seems to be at a loss. What thoughts are driving him around?

Apparently, he can’t stop thinking about our high-quality EasyTest tone generators and probe search signal receivers. Kurthi doesn’t even notice that he has been going in circles for several hours now, searching for answers to his questions.

Surely he is struggling with himself, because of how to change line tracers manufactured in Germany, which already combine all important attributes: multifunctionality, high quality and fairness in price?

Kurthi has nightmares about absurd colour combinations..

The following night Kurthi is rolling restlessly in his bed and is still haunted by the thoughts of our cable and line tracers. Nightmares of strange variants of our EasyTest tone generators and test search signal receivers plague him and leave him no rest.

What bothers him so much that his thoughts still haunt him even in his sleep?

Will Kurthi get a good sleep this night, accompanied by beautiful dreams about great measuring and testing devices from our MultiTest, FlexiTest, FibreTest, CopperTest or TelcoTest series?

Kurthi wakes up and has the brilliant idea!

But suddenly it happens! After several hours of torturous sleep Kurthi wakes up and sits upright in his bed.

It seems that after days of reflection and doubts, the scales have fallen from his eyes. Is THIS the solution?

Was he so engrossed in his complicated trains of thought and so close to the answer to his questions that he overlooked the obvious?

With newfound vigour Kurthi takes the KE501 in his hand and swings the now blue brush.

After Kurthi had the brilliant idea last night, he set to work in the early hours of the morning with great enthusiasm to put it into practice. He eagerly reaches for his brush and paint bucket. With a smile on his face, Kurthi starts painting the line tracer sets KE301 Classic and KE501 Elektro. What is he up to?

He seems to be particularly interested in the housings of EasyTest and Probe as well as their product label.

Kurthi can hardly wait to put the last brush stroke and is already very curious about his result!

Kurthi presents the now blue devices KE301 and KE501.

Tadaaa! Kurthi proudly presents us the result. Our two line tracer kits KE301 Classic and KE501 Elektro are now shining in blue. Kurthi is thrilled, because the only thing that seems to have bothered him all this time is that KE301 Classic and KE501 Elektro did not have the same casing colour as the other devices of the EasyTest, xDSL MultiTest or Ethernet FlexiTest series.

In the end, the solution was obvious, as “Kurth Blue” is simply Kurthi’s absolute favourite colour, but apparently Kurthi’s thought processes were just too complicated.

Users of our products can rest assured that neither the great product quality of our devices nor the price will change. From now on only all products of the EasyTest series will shine in Kurthi’s favourite colour “Kurth Blue”.

We hope that we were able to put a little smile on your face with our comic strip in these difficult times and look forward to receiving positive feedback on our social media channels.