8879 V3

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The 8879 PLS path finder with SDF-TechnologyTM is the top of the line model with new features such as a backlight, passive RF frequency, pinpoint peak, improved induction capabilities and an expanded bar graph. It ensures accurate performance while maintaining its easy usage. The 8879 PLS is ideal for locating all metallic utilities – from telephone to water – with push-button depth, current measurement and a digital display. This instrument with up to 5 watt (also available with 10 watt) transmitting power is not only capable of locating cables, it can also double as a fault locator with the addition of an optional A-frame.
  • Easy to find cables, pipes, gas and water pipes
  • Automatic depth measurement up to 5 m
  • Active search frequencies
  • Power 5 watts (also available with 10 watts)
  • LCD display with graphical display
  • Manual gain adjustment
  • Automatic impedance matching
  • Detects passive 50 Hz/RF signals
  • Input directly or inductively with built-in aerial in the transmitter
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8879 PLS
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