CCTS-03 Cable Conductor Test Set

The CCTS-03 Cable Conductor Test Set allows two technicians to communicate via unconnected lines, In newly laid and spliced, large-capacity cables, it is necessary before sealing the joints that the individual wires are checked. With the CCTS-03 it is possible to quickly and easily check the individual wires for continuity, interchange, contact and earth fault, because of the steady voice connection between the technicians. The microprocessor-controlled adjustment can distinguish between A- and B-wire even on occupied lines with low impedance (120 ohms). The lines doesn‘t have to be seperated at the MDF, thus much time can be saved.

  • Lightweight and handy test device
  • Indispensable for setup, fault tracking, and maintainance
  • Microprocessor for tuning on life lines
  • Useful also on powered telecom lines
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Line resistance up to 2000 Ohm
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CCTS-03 cable conductor test set is used in a set of two. Two (or more) technicians are able to setup a communications path over dead lines up to 3000 Ohms or more. Be careful - only on dry telephone lines it is possible to setup communications. Don`t use it on live power lines.

After a new cable installation or after repair a cable in service, the cable has to be tested for common faults like pair reversals, opens, shorts or ground faults.
These tests are fast and easy to handle with CCTS-03.

To establish voice communication over a dead pair, plug the headset into the jack on the left side. Turn CCTS-03 on. The red ON LED indicates that the unit is on. Connect the black talk leads to a empty pair on the cable. There is no special polarity. If both units are connected to the same pair, voice communication is established. To test wires, one unit has to be in RX-mode and one in TX-mode.
The test tone is audible in both headsets when the red test lead is in contact with the same conductor under test.

If the pair is in service, it is sometimes, especially if xDSL or ISDN service is on the line, impossible to find a single wire Tip (A) or Ring (B). This because the impedance between the wires of a pair is very low ( i.e. 120 Ohms). CCTS02 Microprocessor technology tunes the unit to the resistance of one wire. After it is possible to find wires with low resistance differences to the corresponding wire in a pair.
This saves time - no need for open the line on the MDF.

The electronic circuits are protected by a solid housing made of ABS. To protect the units they are stored in a pouch of strong cordura. The battery compartment is separated and closed by captive screws. CCTS02 needs a standart 9 Volt alkaline battery.

CCTS-03 comes with solid test leads with 4 mm banana plugs, solid clips and test tip. There is a lightweight and noise compensated headset.

Note: To perform a test you need at least two CCTS-03!

HousingHeavy duty ABS plastic weather-resistant design
Dimensions160 x 95 x 35 mm
Weight350 g with battery, test leads and headset
Power source9 V Alkaline battery
Battery lifetimeup to 10 hours continous use
Test leads150 cm flexible PVC with 4 mm Banana plug
Connectionfully insulated clips
Talk pathfree double conductor, no polarity
Test pathfree or wired twisted pair
Over voltage protectionautomatic resetting fuse
Life lines tuningauto tuning, microprocessor controlled
Test distanceup to 2000 Ohm
Talk distance> 3000 Ohm
Wire pair resistance in terms of cable length without coil-loadingwire diameter 0,4 mm: approx. 285 Ohm/km
wire diameter 0,6 mm: approx. 117 Ohm/km
wire diameter 0,8 mm: approx. 66 Ohm/km


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CCTS-03 Manual 171.36 KB

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