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CCTS-03 Cable Conductor Test Set

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The CCTS-03 Cable Conductor Test Set allows two technicians to communicate via unconnected lines, In newly laid and spliced, large-capacity cables, it is necessary before sealing the joints that the individual wires are checked. With the CCTS-03 it is possible to quickly and easily check the individual wires for continuity, interchange, contact and earth fault, because of the steady voice connection between the technicians. The microprocessor-controlled adjustment can distinguish between A- and B-wire even on occupied lines with low impedance (120 ohms). The lines doesn‘t have to be seperated at the MDF, thus much time can be saved.

  • Lightweight and handy test device
  • Indispensable for setup, fault tracking, and maintainance
  • Microprocessor for tuning on life lines
  • Useful also on powered telecom lines
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Line resistance up to 2000 Ohm
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