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KE2100 Time Domain Reflectometer

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The KE2100 is a compact and handy cable fault locator.

Perfect for locating faults on all types of cables without service, such as twisted-pair cabling, telecom twisted pairs, coax and electrical. The short dead zone and the long range of up to 14 km allow a versatile use of this handy TDR.

  • AUTO mode for immediate use
  • Can be used with all types of cables
  • Maximum cable length up to 14 km
  • Freeze function and display in meter/feet
  • Symmetrical search signal
  • Resolution up to 0.3 m
  • High-resolution, graphic display
  • Operates on 4 AA (LR6) batteries
  • Sturdy ABS housing
  • Saving measurements and data transfer via Bluetooth

An overview of the TDR function and some typical measurement curves can be found in our post What is a TDR measurement?

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The line impedance is automatically measured by a keystroke, which guarantees precise results. The shortening factor (VF) is adjustable and the integrated cable database allows for adding and storing additional cable types. During a measurement, one or two cursors are available, which means that distances between two events can be easily measured.

In order to compare two different wire pairs, the KE2100 has a freeze function. This makes it easy to compare the visualization of a frozen with an active measurement. In order to be able to recognize and measure even small events, the KE2100 has a high-resolution, grayscale display that is easy to read even in bright sunlight.

Measurement results can be stored in the device and transferred via Bluetooth to a PC/laptop. The supplied management software is used to manage the transferred measurement results and to create measurement logs.

KE2100 Time Domain Reflectometer
Distance ≤ 14 km
Accuracy + 1 % ± 1 Pixel at 0.66 VF
Resolution 3.125 ns or 0.3 m (1 Pixel)
Input Protection AC 230 V / 50 Hz; DC 100 V
Output pulse Max. 20 V pp
Pulse 12, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2500 ns
Impedance 50, 75, 100, 125 Ω
Zoom factor In 6 dB Steps
Cable database Up to 32 entries
Memory Stores up to 512 traces
Data Transfer Communication via Bluetooth
Batteries 4x LR6 (AA) batteries, NiMH, battery life >8 hours
Housing Robust, impact and weather resistant ABS-casing with fall protection
Menu languages German, English; others on request
Connectors Two 4 mm safety banana jacks, BNC optional
Display Sunlight readable 240 x 128 pixel graphics LCD with backlight
Test leads Copper test cords 2 m, 4 mm banana plug with heavy duty alligator clips 300 V CAT II
KE2100 Time Domain Reflectometer
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