KE3100 xDSL Detection Kit

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Unique xDSL availability and activity tester!

KE3100 xDSL Detection Kit – unique, compact & affordable! With the kit, technicians are able to detect the availability and activity of classic and IP-based DSL connections as well as detect them without contact.

  • xDSL availability test: ADSL, VDSL2,
  • Detection of the Annex variant: DSL / All-IP, DSL / ISDN, DSL / POTS
  • Contactless detection of active DSL signals
  • ETH link test, LAN port finder
  • Cable finder function
  • Optional: xDSL modem detection at the remote end of the line
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The KE890 xDSL Check can activate an inactive DSLAM / ISAM at the remote end of a wired line to indicate the availability of a DSL service and the Annex variant which is reported back by the DSLAM via LED: Annex A / M (DSL via POTS), Annex B (DSL via ISDN) or Annex J (All-IP). All current xDSL services according to ITU-T G.441 such as ADSL or VDSL2 as well as the new SuperVectoring (VDSL 35b) and technology are supported.

Optionally, on the network operator‘s or supplier‘s side, the KE890 xDSL Check performs the detection of an active xDSL modem at the end of the line. Thus, it can be remotely assessed whether a modem is connected on the customer side.

With the KE420 xDSL PROBE, wire pairs which carry active xDSL signals can be detected contactlessly. The active services are neither disturbed nor do they lose their connection. This way, the lines carrying an active xDSL signal in the switching center, the cable splitter, the house transfer point or the building, can be easily detected.

The Ethernet link test detects active (patched) network connections: it quickly identifies the corresponding port on the switch by using the link blink function.

KE3100 is equipped with a line tracer function in order to identify specific lines in telephony, data, coax and electrical installations carrying a maximum voltage up to 100 V. Cables can be located in cable channels or walls. Wire pairs, even reversals and split pairs can be detected. A continuity test with resistance-dependent tone frequency helps technicians to determine the copper cable‘s condition.

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KE420 xDSL Probe
Features Flashlight function
xDSL signal filter LED (ADSL – ADSL 2+, VDSL2 bis 17a / VDSL35b,
Search distance To cable max. 60 cm, search depth under plaster max. 15 cm
Dimensions 220 x 40/35 x 25 mm
Weight 90 g without battery
Additional hardware features Test probe made of non-conductive carbon fibre reinforced plastic
3.5 mm headphone jack
Gold-plated contacts
Detached battery compartment
Power supply 9 V block battery
Casing Sturdy, impact-resistant and weather-resistant ABS-case with membrane keys
KE890/895 xDSL Check
Flexible test cord 25 cm
Test cord connections 2x banana with crocodile clips
1x RJ11 plug with TAE adapter
1x RJ45 plug
Additional test ports 1x 2,5 mm universal optical fibre ferrule (KE895)
Features Continuity test LED + tone
DSL availability test for services according to ITU-T G.441 such as ADSL - ADSL2+, SHDSL, VDSL2, VDSL 35b,
Resistance test by changing the tone frequency
Low battery indication by flashing LED
Auto power off 45 / 90 min. / never (in toner mode)
Device switch-on indicator with LED
Data port test via Link-Blink function
Visible laser light source (VFL) (KE895)
Frequencies Copper (<±1 %) Solid: 1 kHz, 1,9 kHz, 577 Hz
Frequencies Fibre 270, 1000 Hz moduliert + pulse (KE895)
Ranger Copper Max. cable length up to 15 km without load, up to 0.4 mm Ø
Range Fibre Max. cable length up to 10 km (KE895)
Transmitting power (9 V block battery) 9.0 VSS without load / ~ 12 VSS with loaded battery
+5 dBm at 600 Ohm for fundamental 1 kHz
0 dBm at 100 Ohm for fundamental 1 kHz
-5 dBm at 50 Ohm for fundamental 1 kHz
Overvoltage protection Up to 500 V DC / 350 V AC in all modes except CONT and ETH for banana plugs / Pin 4 + 5 on RJ45
Dimensions 150 x 65 x 26 mm
Weight 220 g without battery
Case Solid, shock-resistant and weather-resistant ABS-case
Detached battery compartment
Captive Screw
KE3100 xDSL Detection Kit
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