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KE2500 Telco Multimeter

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The KE2500 Telco Multimeter is designed specially for telephone 2-wire lines and allows a detailed line analysis as well as a complete overview of the physical state of the circuit under test up to 600 V.

  • Voltage AC/DC incl. AC frequency
  • Resistance, resistance line and resistance line balanced
  • Insulation and leakage
  • Capacitance and capacitive balanced
  • Ground return resistance
  • LCL unbalance at 1 MHz
  • NEXT at 1 MHz
  • PPA and signatur detection
  • Current AC/DC
  • Automated testing procedures simplify and speed up measurements
  • Database with common cable types and editable cable parameters
  • Storage of measurements and data exchange via USB and presentation of the results as a QR code image
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