KE3700 xDSL Multitester

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All-in-One – The next generation testing technology

The KE3700 xDSL MultiTest is the perfect tool for service technicians from network operators and for ICT specialists. The innovative and modular platform of KE3700 can be configured according to the requirements of the user. Numerous hardware and software options allow the user to combine the functions of several test devices in one housing – even at a later date. This guarantees a high degree of investment and future security and a high degree of flexibility.

  • ADSL – ADSL2+, VDSL2, VDSL2 (Vectoring / Super Vectoring), xDSL-Bonding and with auto service detection
  • SFP port for digital diagnostic mode, optical level / power meter, triple play tests
  • Maximum transfer rates for performance measurements in gigabit networks
  • VoIP test incl. SIP trunk and MultiCalling with extensive statistics
  • IPTV test with preview image and statistics as well as IPTV channel scan
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi testing for triple play tests (data, VoIP, IPTV) and web browser
  • Coppertest (KECT), AC/DC measurements, resistance fault localization (RFL), TDR measurements
  • High frequency measurements for line qualification up to 31 MHz
  • Compatible with KE905 Remote for performing automated cable test sequences
  • SHDSL support, 2 to 8 wires *
  • ISDN UK0 / S0 / S2M and analogue test phone function *

We have bundled various configurations on our KE3700 MultiTest packages pages for a special price:
KE3700 All-IP/Wi-Fi package
KE3700 All-IP package
KE3700 Complete package
KE3700 xDSL/LAN tester package
KE3700 xDSL/VoIP/Coppertest package

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KE3700 xDSL MultiTest is the perfect tool for service technicians from network operators and for ICT specialists.

The innovative and modular platform of KE3700 can be configured according to the requirements of the user. Numerous hardware and software options allow the user to combine the functions of several test devices in one housing – even at a later date. This guarantees a high degree of investment and future security and a high degree of flexibility.

The multifunctional KE3700 is ideally suited for testing tasks during installation and interference suppression of the broadband services ADSL1/2/2+ / SHDSL / VDSL2, VDSL2 Vectoring as well as for the latest standards Super Vectoring (VDSL 35b) and xDSL autodetect starts at the push of a button and automates the synchronization process. Thanks to gigabit interfaces for copper and fibre optics, the KE3700 can also be used to carry out measurements in broadband networks based on FTTB and FTTH and also in the local customer network (LAN). Automatic and configurable speed tests enable the user to determine the maximum available bandwith.

Disturbances of the service, caused for example by faults in the cabling, defective customer equipment and external frequency interferers, can be reliably isolated.
Measured values can be viewed in tabular form and selected parameters can also be viewed graphically over the entire duration of the measurement. The colour display of the KE3700 is protected by safety glass and can even be read in sunlight.

Thanks to the at-a-glance display and intuitive operation, without time-consuming menu changes, efficient work is guaranteed. The multitasking function allows the user to run several tests in parallel.

In addition to extensive test functions for the common telephony services ISDN and POTS (analogue), KE3700 is able to test VoIP telephony and evaluate voice quality based on relevant parameters. KE3700 supports standard SIP, SIP trunk and enables users to conduct up to 10 calls simultaneously (MultiCalling).
The test function for IPTV services includes a channel scan and a preview image in addition to single and multistream. Extensive parameter statistics allow the technician to make a reliable quality assessment.

New Wi-Fi test functions are available for service testing in 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. Classic function tests, extensive network information, quality parameters incl. automatic good/bad evaluation and a Wi-Fi monitor are part of the range of functions. Furthermore, the KE3700 even enables the testing of triple-play services (Data/VoIP/IPTV) in wireless networks.

The KECT copper test module, which can be integrated in the housing, is used for comprehensive status analysis and detailed fault detection on the telecommunication twisted pair. AC/DC cable multimeter measurements help to determine important line parameters. Precise measurements of line length and fault location can be determined via TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) and RFL (Resistive Fault Location). In combination with the KE905 Remote electronic line switch, automatable measurement sequences can be carried out. RF measurement functions allow the technician to assess the quality and qualification of the copper twin wire. The KE3700 also provides an insight into the transmission spectrum, which enables the detection of frequency disturbances.
The DMM Digital Multimeter option allows a quick test of the building‘s internal telecommunication lines. Resistance and capacitance values are tested, including determination of the line length and voltage.

Stored measurements in the KE3700 can be recalled for review and viewed in detail. Measurement logs can be transferred directly to a USB stick as a PDF or managed via the included KE-Manager software. The QR code display also allows live measurement results to be transferred to digital order processing systems.

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KE3700 xDSL Multitester
Compliance ADSL1/2/2+ ITU-T G.992.5 (ADSL2+ incl. Annex A, B, J, M),
ITU-T G.992.3 (ADSL2 incl. Annex A, B, J, L),
ITU-T G.992.1 (G.DMT incl. Annex A, B, J)
ATIS/ANSI T1.413 Issue 2
IEEE 802.3ah (PTM)
ITU-T G.998.1/2 (Bonding)
Compliance VDSL2 ITU-T G.993.2 Annex A, B (Vectoring)
ITU-T G.998.1/2/3 (Bonding with Profile 30a)
Profiles: 8a/b/c/d, 12a/b, 17a, 30a and 35b (Annex Q) optional
Band Plan: 997, 998, US0
IEEE 802.3ah (PTM)
Compliance ITU-T G.9700 / 9701
DSL parameters Maximum attainable bit rates
Actual achieved bit rates
Actual bonded achieved rates
Latency modes: fast, interleaved
Data modes: ATM, PTM
Capacity (%)
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) margin
Output power
Bits/bin ttenuation/bin (Hlog/bin), QLN/bin, SNR/bin
Vendor code, revision
Interleave depth
Interleave delay
Modes: PTM, ATM
LATN per band, SATN per band
Test interfaces ADSL 1/2/2+ / VDSL2 / VDSL2-Vectoring / Super Vectoring / with autodetection
Ethernet 10/100/1000
Ethernet 10/100/1000 management
Webbrowser applicable for test interfaces
Encapsulation RFC 2684 supporting bridged Ethernet (IPoE), IPoA (RFC 1577), PPPoE (RFC 2516), PPPoA/LLC and PPPoA/VC-MUX (RFC 2364)
Operating modes DSL Terminal, Router and Modem Mode
Modem replacement (DSL to Ethernet)
Ethernet Terminal-Mode
Connectivity support TR69 / BNG
LAN/WAN status
DNS, gateway
DHCP client / server, DHCP vendor class
IPv4 and IPv6
Signal Strength
Ping test* Ping destination: Gateway, IP-Address or URL
Number of Pings: 1 to 9999
Packet size: 56 to 2048 Bytes (default is 56)
Timeout: 1 to 2000 seconds
Results: Packets sent/received, average round-trip delay (ms)
(* Run any number of tests simultaneously)
Trace Route test* Traceroute destination: Gateway, IP-Address or URL
Timeout: in seconds, maximum is 120 s
Packetsize: 32 Bytes
Number of hops: 1 to 100 (default is 30)
Results: Indicates IP address of hop and round trip time in milliseconds (ms)
(* Run any number of tests simultaneously)
FTP/HTTP speed tests* Address: IP or URL
Direction: Upload and/or Download up to 700 MBit/s
Results: Time, kB transferred, speed in kBit/s
Bookmarks: User-definable
(* Run any number of tests simultaneously)
Software options VoIP Test (terminal simulation): SIP protocol support, DSL and Ethernet; Codecs: G722, GSM, L16, A-Law, µ-Law, Speex; Results: MOS, R factor, Latency. Jitter, Packets (loss, sent)
IPTV Test (Set Top Box emulation): Video standards: MPEG2, MPEG4 part 2 and 10, DSL and Ethernet; Programmable channel list, analyzes up to 10 streams simultaneously; Results: MOS, R factor, Latency. Jitter, Packets (loss, sent)
Interface options xDSL Bonding module
SHDSL 2- to 8-wire interface
KECT Copper qualification uo to 31 MHz with telco multimeter
TDR error detection / location
SFP port for copper, fibre (second GbE port) or GPON (ONT),
Slide-in modules optionally available
ISDN UK0 / S0 / Analogue interface
S2M primary multiplex interface
Wi-Fi interface 2.4 / 5 GHz, 802.11b,g,n
Power supply LiPo battery with approximately 4 hours operation at full load mode
Dimensions 230 x 110/90 x 70 mm
Weight 1100 g
Housing Impact-resistant ABS case with protective and high impact plexiglass as display cover
Menu languages German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish
KE3700 xDSL Multitester
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