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KE3700 xDSL/VoIP/Coppertest package

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KE3700 xDSL/VoIP/Coppertest package contains: 0.49840 KE3700 Base unit ADSL-ADSL2+ Annex B/J; 0.49830-20 VDSL2 Vectoring / Super Vectoring, profiles 8a/b/c/d, 12a/b, 17a, 30a, 35b; 0.49830-5 VoIP tests / 0.49830-5-10 VoIP MultiCalling; 0.49830-13 KECT copper test module (cable multimeter); 0.49830-13-10 RF measurements for line qualification up to 31 MHz For specifications, please see the KE3700 xDSL Multitester page.
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KE3700 xDSL Multitester
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