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KE401 IT Kit

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Without time-consuming stripping of wires the cable finder kit, consisting of EASYTEST & PROBE, allows technicians to find any kind of cable, wires or pairs contact-free rapidly. Faults such as permutations, misarranged configurations, reversed pairs, overdrafts, interruptions and other disturbances in the cable are detected. The cable finder kits are suitable for all types of cables such as power cables, telephone cables, bell wires, and all classes of data cables, coax cable, wire harnesses in motor vehicles and many others. KE401 IT Kit:
  • Designed for IT & Telco cable tracing and pair identification
  • RJ11, RJ45 connectors & alligator clips
  • Data Port test with HUB-Blink function
  • ISDN signal detection with Probe
  • 120 V AC overvoltage protection
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ET400 IT Kit Tone Generator
Durable wire lead length 25 cm
Lead connectors 2x fixed alligator clips
1x long RJ11 plug
1x RJ45 plug
Functions Continuity test through LED
Resistance test through frequency change
Low Batt indication by flashing LED
Auto shut off after 45 minutes
Auto shut off override
Unit ON indication by LED
Indication of ALTernating freq. by flashing LED
Indication of SOLID freq. by steady LED
Data Port test with HUB-Blink
Search frequencies 6 frequencies selectable
SOLID: 1000, 2600, 577.5 Hz and ALT: 1000/800, 2600/1900, 577.5 intermittent
Accuracy <±1% (quartz)
Reach Trace cable length up to 15 km (no load)
Tone over shorted pair up to 250 m
Transmitting Power High power output with 9.2 V battery:
9.0 V PP no load
10 dBm at 600 Ohm
9 dBm at 100 Ohm
7,5 dBm at 50 Ohm
Overvoltage Protection 120 V AC/DC
Dimensions / Weight 68 x 96 x 25 mm / 150 g without battery
Additional features Test leads protected by rubber-strain relief
Gold plated contacts
Separate battery compartment
KE301 – KE801 General Specifications
Power supply 9 V battery
>100 hrs operating time
Housing Heavy duty water resistant housing made from ABS, elastomeric silicon rubber push button switches
P410 Probe
Functions 1 kHz filtered signal detection LED
Torch light function
ISDN signal detection LED
Reach Trace distance to cable/wire up to 100 cm
Dimensions / Weight 220 x 40/34 x 25 mm / 80 g without battery
Additional Features Exchangeable non-conductive solid carbon fiber tip
3.5 mm earphone jack
Gold plated contacts
Separate battery compartment
KE401 IT Kit
KE401 IT Kit Data Sheet (DE/EN) 1.04 MB
KE301-KE801 Manual (DE/EN) 1.32 MB

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