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KE6000 Network Cable Tester

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This product is no longer available. A successor model is planned for the first quarter of 2019.

The KE6000 is a simple, affordable, fast and efficient network cable tester. KE6000 can test UTP and STP patch cables and by using two units, also telecom and data cables. The KE6000 is simple to use with the large and easy to read LCD display readouts, indicating cable faults or verifying cable and pin-out-integrity. The fault is shown as a clear information – no need to watch and count flashing LEDs.
If KE6000 is used to test an inhouse installation, one unit is set as Master the other is set as Slave. The big advantage is, that on both sides the LCD display shows the fault. After corrective action has been taken the cable test can be started from either side

  • RJ11/RJ45/Coax
  • Clear display shows cable status
  • Checks for continuity / short / open / reversal / screen / multiple errors
  • Error display on both sides saves time
  • For testing in installations 2 x KE6000 are needed
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