KE7010 PRO Kit

KE7010 PRO Kit: Set of four Remote units, short patch cables, Search Signal Reciever Probe310 and pouch for KE7100 and KE7200.

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KE7010 Remote Unit
FeaturesID programmable 01 - 32
LED indicates good / bad
HousingSolid and weather protected ABS
Dimensions61 x 41 x 26 mm
Weight30 g
P310 & P510 Probe
Functions1 kHz filtered signal detection LED
Torch light function
ReachTrace distance to cable/wire up to 60 cm
Dimensions / Weight220 x 40/34 x 25 mm / 80 g without battery
Additional FeaturesExchangeable non-conductive solid carbon fiber tip
3.5 mm earphone jack
Gold plated contacts
Separate battery compartment

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