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KE7200 Ethernet Performance Tester

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The KE7200 Ethernet Performance Tester is an easy-to-use tool that verifies and troubleshoots all types of Ethernet cable installation, from essential copper wiring tests to active IP Ping. Advanced copper test capabilities include active TDR for cable length measurement and detection of split pairs even on jumpers (down to 2 meters). The KE7200 even shows multiple faults simultaneously.

  • Wire-mapping and precise fault location
  • Integrated cable database starting from 1 pair telephone incl. Profinet
  • Recognition of branches (Bridge Taps) – optional
  • Measures cable lengths up to 150 m (TDR)
  • Power over Ethernet test according to IEEE802.3af/at standard
  • Tests LAN using static IP or DHCP up to 1 Gbit
  • List of active LAN devices and continuous ping test
  • Master/Remote overvoltage protected up to 100 V AC
  • Stores data and print out of test reports
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Cable measurements and information about Ethernet performance can be stored and transfered to a PC or laptop. the included Windows PC-Software Ethernet-Mananger gives clear indication about cable length, cable faults and allows the creation of subscribers measurement logs.

The optional Bridge Tap allows the detection of 2-wire lines (4-5).

KE7200 PRO Kit

The PRO Kit includes the KE7200 Ethernet Perfomance Tester with four KE7010 Remote Units, a blue coloured capacitive Probe310, the Ethernet Manager PC software, test cables and a pouch.


This standard set includes the KE7200 Ethernet Perfomance Tester with two KE7010 Remote Units, the Ethernet Manager PC software, test cables and a pouch.

KE7010 Remote Unit

KE7010 Remote Unit for use with KE7100 and KE7200.

KE7010 Remote Unit

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