KE7801 Cable Tester Set

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The ideal basic equipment for troubleshooting in ICT networks!

Cable tester Set:

  • Testing Phone (RJ11), data (RJ45) and optionally Coax lines
  • Tests for Continuity, open, short, reversals, shield and shows multiple faults
  • Device pair shows errors on both sides
  • Detection of active switches at remote line end
  • Overvoltage protection up to 60 V

Cable finder kit:

  • Identification of cables and wire pairs
  • Signal injection into active telephone and data lines
  • Overvoltage protection up to 500 V
  • RJ45 connector, data port test and portfinder function
  • Visual fibre optic fault location (VFL)
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The cable tester and cable finder set KE7801 is the ideal basic equipment for all technicians searching for cables and faults in telephone and data networks.

The KE7000 are easy to use test devices for patch, LAN and telecommunication cabling and coaxial cables. Unshielded and shielded connection cables with twisted pairs (UTP and STP cables) in installed networks or patch cables can be tested and verified. BNC and F-socket coaxial cables can be tested for continuity using the RJ45 coax adapter.

Occurring errors such as mix-ups, interruptions, short circuits and screen errors are shown on the displays. The KE7000 provide clear, fast and immediately evaluable status information on the LCD displays for cable lengths up to approximately 150 m.

The cable tracer kits consist of EASYTEST and PROBE and enable any technician to find any type of cable, wires and wire pairs in the shortest possible time without time-consuming skinning work. The cable finders can be used for all types of cables such as telephone cables, bell lines, data cables of all classes, coaxial cables and voltage-free electrical lines and are overvoltage protected against accidental contact with external voltage > 100 V.

The KE7801 set combines two KE7000 with the KE801 Fibre & Copper Kit. Like the K3E01 Classic Kit, it features a tone generator with a RJ11 connector, two crocodile clips and a continuity test via LED. Additionally, like the KE701 Telco Kit, it comes equipped with a RJ45 connector for detecting active network connections and assigning the active data port to e.g. the switch. A continuity test with a resistance-dependent tone enables a quick assessment of the cable condition. It is protected against accidental contact with 230 V mains voltage through an overvoltage protection up to 500 V.

On top of that, the unique KE801 Fibre & Copper Kit extends the range of functions with a red light source, which enables visual continuity testing in fibre optic networks (VFL). The coax F socket also allows tracking of coaxial cables.

KE7801 – reliable, robust and cost-effective.

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ET800 Fibre & Copper Tone Generator
Durable wire lead length 25 cm
Lead connectors 2x banana with alligator clips
1x long RJ11 plug
1x RJ45 plug
Additional test interfaces 2,5 mm universal FO ferrule, adapter to 1.25 mm, SMA and POF available optionally
Functions Continuity test through LED + Tone
Resistance test through frequency change
Low Batt indication by flashing LED
Auto shut off after 45 minutes
Auto shut off override
Unit ON indication by LED
Indication of ALTernating freq. by flashing LED
Indication of SOLID freq. by steady LED
Data Port test with HUB-Blink
Visual Fault Location (VFL)
Search frequencies 6 frequencies selectable
SOLID: 1000, 2600, 577.5 Hz and ALT: 1000/800, 2600/1900, 577.5 intermittent
Accuracy <±1% (quartz)
Reach Trace cable length up to 15 km (no load)
Tone over shorted pair up to 250 m
Transmitting Power High power output with 9.2 V battery :
9.0 V PP no load
10 dBm into 600 Ohm
9 dBm into 100 Ohm
7,5 dBm into 50 Ohm
Overvoltage Protection 500 Volt DC / 350 V AC
Dimensions / Weight 68 x 96 x 25 mm / 150 g without battery
Additional features Test leads protected by rubber-strain relief
Gold plated contacts
Separate battery compartment
KE7000 Ethernet FlexiTest
Cable types UTP 4 pair, STP, FTP, 568A, 568B, USOC, Coax (adaptor available optionally)
Fault detection Short circuit, interruption, crossed pairs, transposition, shield faults, multiple faults
Cable length Max. 150 m
Battery lifetime Approx. 100 hours
Battery 9 V block battery
Dimensions 160 x 95 x 35 mm
Weight 160 g without battery
Casing Impact resistant ABS with fall protection
Operating temperature 0 to 50 °C
P410 Probe
Functions 1 kHz filtered signal detection LED
Torch light function
ISDN signal detection LED
Reach Trace distance to cable/wire up to 100 cm
Dimensions / Weight 220 x 40/34 x 25 mm / 80 g without battery
Additional Features Exchangeable non-conductive solid carbon fiber tip
3.5 mm earphone jack
Gold plated contacts
Separate battery compartment
KE7000 Ethernet FlexiTest
KE7000 Data sheet DE/EN 934.93 KB

KE801 Fibre & Copper

KE801 Fibre & Copper Data Sheet (DE/EN) 1.07 MB
KE301-KE801 Manual (DE/EN) 3.58 MB

Product Catalogue

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