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KE901 Line Test Assistant

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The KE901 Line Test Assistant for remote switching reduces the cost of traveling from the customer returning to the office or the distributor to make changes. This will save your time and thus labor costs. The customer line remains active while driving. There is no influencing of the lines up to 31 MHz.

  • Turn of bridges and switching lines from the distance
  • 2 wire pairs or multiple measuring devices connectable
  • Customers line remains in service until the measurement starts
  • Remote switching up to 12 km are possible
  • Switching functions are acknowledged acoustically and visually
  • Works with any tester – Regardless of the manufacturer
  • KE905: Direct control commands from KE2500/KE3700 CT and the xDSL Tester with KECT coppertest interface
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The KE901 enables mode selectabel switching, insertion of bridges, turn on a measurement device on the far end of line, connect through another exchange, switching on a second acccess line. Developped for the current communication services as ISDN, ADSL2+ and VDSL2 the device has small impact on measurements through 30 MHz on the far end. Remote-Controlled switching functions up to 20 km distance are possible without influence on other services on the line.

After connecting the Remote Unit KE905 at the multiplier or intermediate distribution frame a tone can be send either to one or two access lines. For acces line 1 there are two different tones selectable. If no tone is necessary because the end of line is known, the service can be switched through to the customer. This enables him to use his service as long as possible.

After connecting the controllers on the customer's pair the control key switches the tone tracing off. The remote-commands are send with 8 keys from the Control Unit KE910. The signals are modified DTMF-Signals to avoid static. Succeded the switching function the KE910 sends a tone and shows a short light up from the Info-LED. If the remote-command wasn't executed there will be a pulsed tone.

For active tests like crosstalk, balance, spectrum-analysise etc. the line can be cleared or switched to another measurement device on the far end. In spite of the measurement device there can also b aenother Telephony / xDSL Port attached. This second local line can be switched to one or another acces line so it is possible to measure the interference (NEXT).

KE905 Remote Unit
Housing Heavy duty ABS plastic weather-resistant design
Battery cover equipped with captive screws
4 test cord receptacles for alligator-to-TF cords
Resistant Mylar front foil with short operation instructions
Test cords 2 special test cords for testing up to 31 MHz
Insertion loss: 0 to 30 MHz < 0,5 dB
Crosstalk: -78 to -56 dB
Power source 9 V Alkaline battery, typical life 200 h
Overvoltage protection Up to 160 V AC/DC
Dimensions 160 x 95 x 35 mm
Weight 290 g with battery
KE910 Controller
Housing Heavy duty ABS plastic weather-resistant design with silicone rubber control keys
Battery cover equipped with captive screws
Test cords Insulated test leads with banana plugs
Modified DTMF control signals
Sample function min. 56 dB amplification
Power source 9 V Alkaline battery, typical life 40 h
Overvoltage protection Up to 160 V AC/DC
Dimensions 150 x 65 x 26 mm
Weight 95 g with battery
KE901 Line Test Assistant
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