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0.49420 KE7200 Ethernet Performance Tester

POEcheck – checks data ports for Power Over Ethernet supply fast and easily.

  • Tests Data outlet for Power over Ethernet presence
  • Indicates the type (A or B) of power source


  • IEEE 802.3af midspans and switches
  • High power midspans
  • Small, lightweight and compact design
  • Plug and play – easy to use
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There is Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) like hubs and routers, and Powered Devices (PD) like IP phones, wireless access points or network cameras. But there is no way to check a data port by using a DMM for power. This is only possible with a tester who knows about the handshake protocoll between source and equipment.

Kurth Electronic`s POEcheck handles this. It is a new, small and easy to use test unit to check out if the DATA Port carries power or not. It also shows by two LEDs what system is in use - type A or type B regarding the regulation IEEE 802.3af. POEcheck handles all the required setup informations.
Plug in the POEcheck either by a patch cable or by the test cable who comes with and watch the LEDs for light up.

Power over Ethernet regarding the IEEE802.3af regulation defines a way to build Ethernet power-sourcing equipment and powered terminals. The specification involves delivering power over shielded or unshielded twisted-pair wiring. There are two versions - Type A (endspan) where the router or switch delivers the power over the data pairs. Or Type B midspan) where the power is delivered over the spare pairs. In any case PoE is managed by a multi-stage handshake protocol to protect equipment from damage and to manage power budgets. This features protecting the equipment but also makes it impossible to check for power with standard equipment.

Input RJ45 connector
Category 5/5e/6 cable with RJ45 connectors
Indicators Type A LED (green) and type B LED (green)
Cable length 150 mm / 5.9 "
Dimensions 61 x 41 x 26 mm / 2.4 x 1.61 x 1.02"
Weight 30 g / 0.07 lbs
PoEcheck Data Sheet (DE/EN) 237.25 KB
PoEcheck Manual (DE/EN) 41.72 KB

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