TalkSet Analogue Headset

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The TALKSET consists of a light-weight headset-microphone combination with an analog two-wires telephone switch. Connecting the two testing leads with an analog live telephone line, it is possible to receive calls or (with a dialer) to make calls. That’s why the TALKSET can be used as a line tester as well as an Intercom System. Two TALKSETS are included in this set!
  • Lightweight and handy test device
  • Indispensable for commissioning and trouble-shooting on analog lines
  • Non disturbing in-house-communication
  • Up to 10 km distance depending on cable
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Nowadays there is an increasing risk using handys or walky-talkies as a help for installing and maintaining lines and telephone systems. Especially in sensitive areas just like hospitals, EDP-Systems and open electronic controls because of possible electromagnetic interferences. That's why the use of handys and walky-talkies in the upper mentioned sensitive areas is meanwhile strictly forbidden.
The solution is: TALKSET

Linemen can use TALKSET for the installation and the maintaining of cable networks or communication systems as an intercom system by only connecting TALKSET with a live analog used telephone line. Two ore more technicians can communicate over such an analog telephone line. Having set the MON-mode on their TALKSET the linemen are able to listen into the line without any disturbance of signal transmission. One TALKSET being in TALK-mode occupies the line and voice signals can be received from another TALKSET being in MON-mode. If one technician wants to answer this message he only has to switch his TALKSET into TALK-mode. This is the way to build up an inhouse communication system – low cost and stable – from the basement up to the upper floors without producing any disturbing electromagnetic interferences.

Operating Voltage 3 – 60 V DC
Line current max. 20 mA
Protection Up to 400 V DC ITU K44, shock protection
Monitor impendance > 100 kΩ DC
Talk impendance 600 Ω
Microphone Electret, noise compensated
Test leads 3.5" (0.85 m) RJ11/Bananaplug
Max. distance Up to 6 miles depending on cable and power supply
Weight Appr. 2,1 oz (60 g) with light weight headset
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