TP09D – Rugged analogue test telephone

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The handy and rugged, waterproof analogue test set TP09D offers many features despite simple operation. All values appear clearly on the large graphical display in fast view – such as the MWI-/CID-/DTMF-evaluation. The keypad is intiutiv to use  through clear distinction of functions with colors. All keys are available with DTMF dialing as well as the special keys * and  #.
  • Voltage, current and polarity display
  • Monitor for active and passive line
  • Direct access function button for Flash
  • Shows calling number (CID) and MWI
  • DTMF processing in monitor mode
  • Charge pulse display 12/16 kHz
  • High and low voltage detection and lockout
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The TP09D is the perfect tool for the day today needs of telecom and data technicians. It is a lightweight and easy to use unit. TP09D comes with a high resolution backlight graphic LCD. This guarantees perfect visibility in any environment. This and features like Caller ID, Call waiting, Message waiting and DSL signal level makes this test set to the EVERY DAY COMPANION of each technician. Plus - TP09D is rugged and waterproof, protected against 20ft drop.

TP09D has a high impedance in OFF HOOK as well in MONITOR mode for all kind of data signals, including DSL.

The TP09D has a Voltage Lockout feature that protects the unit and data lines.

In Ring Mode the unit is waiting for an incoming call. If a CID message is received, the TP09D decodes single and multi CID messages.

Monitor Mode is used to listen into lines without disrupting services. Line Monitor is a high impedance, amplified monitor. In this mode the unit can also receive and display DTMF signals. Any received DTMF sequence will be decodet and shown in the display. There is room for up to 48 digits without scrolling.The impedance is over 100 Kohms up to 100 KHz.

There are two ways to dial a number:
1. Use the keypad to directly dial the number.
2. Use memory dialing. There are 10 memory locations, 24 digits each

The last three dialed numbers are stored and selectable.

Caller ID Recall (CID RCL) is the stored incoming Caller ID with number, name and time. The last three numbers are stored and selectable.

FLASH Is easily accessable by pressing the direct button for 100, 270 or 600 ms, preselectable in the menu setup.

Line impedance Complex or real 600 Ohms (Order Option)
Over voltage protection Over voltage protected
Over current protected Max. Line current 120 mA
Line detect voltage window 4 V DC - 75 V DC
CLIP mode V.23, DT-AS
Pulse Dialing Rate: 10pps +/-5%
Ratio: 40/60, 33/66
Selectable Interdigit Pause 800 ms
Tone Dialing Freq. Error: <+/- 1%
Level High group -6 dBm
low group -8 dBm
DTMF Tone duration 84 ms
DTMF Pause 125 ms
Direct Button Flash Durations 100ms, 270ms, 600ms
Pause Duration 2 sec / per key in
Memory 4 direct buttons (2 programmable, 1 LNR, 1 CID RCL) 24 digits each, 10 indirect locations 24 digits each
Monitor impedance > 500 Kohm at 4 KHz
> 120 Kohm at 100 KHz
Power supply 9 Volt Alkaline
Automatic Timeout 10 min / no Line
Display Graphical reflective LCD
Display Languages English, German, any other by request
Housing Heavy duty water resistant housing made from ABS, Mylar push button switches.
Test leads 60” (150 cm) durable wire leads with solid alligator clips, field replaceable
Optional 6A clips, others by request
Strain relief
Separate battery compartment with captive screw
Dimensions 9.8” x 3.1” x 1.2/2.8” (250 x 80 x 30/70 mm)
Weight 15.8 oz wth battery (450 g with battery)
Drop test 20 ft (7 m)
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