Promo: Fibre Optic & MultiTest

Promo: Fibre Optic & MultiTest

Promo: Fibre Optic & MultiTest

Hello measurement technology fans,

today we are starting our big Fibre Optic & Multi Test campain on the topic of:
measuring and testing fibre optic and copper networks in the areas of LAN/WAN/Telecom/FTTx.

The focus is on rugged and easy-to-use devices with a wide range of helpful functions and an excellent price-performance ratio.
Devices that cover the basic measurement needs of many installers and service technicians and are ready for use without extensive pre-configuration, practically at the push of a button.


A brief summary of your benefits:

  • Despite current market situation available at short notice
  • You save up to 22% compared to the individual price
  • Unique LAN/WAN function testers KE3150 and KE3100
  • KE3150/KE3100 with new free xDSL modem (CPE) detection within seconds
  • KE8001, KE8002 and KE8003 fibre optic loss test kits, for singlemode and/or multimode fibres
  • KE800x optical measurement sets including free high-quality KE850 red light source

The promotion runs from 20.4. to 20.6.2022.

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