Easy cable troubleshooting via TDR

Time Domain Reflectometer, TDR for short, is a method for easy identification and localization of cable faults.

A suitable cable fault measuring device such as the KE2100 can check a large number of different cables using the TDR method and determine the possible fault location. The KE2100 can even examine cables up to 15 kilometers long, here are some of the supported cable types:

With the TDR method, the device sends a pulse to the cable, which is reflected by cable faults and sent back to the device. The type of error can be identified by characteristic reflection curves and the measuring instrument also displays the location of the error with an accuracy of approx. 0.3 m. Some typical reflection curves and the associated cable faults are for example:

The useful freeze function of Kurth Electronic’s cable fault measuring devices allows the user to freeze the curve of a running TDR measurement and compare it directly with another measurement.