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Order in the cable jungle

Order in the cable jungle

All cables are laid, all devices are connected to one another, all settings are made, but no data is transferred or the applications are not working properly? Here the network test sets from Kurth Electronic help. Our professional sets of network testers and line detectors for installation and troubleshooting in telephone, network and voltage-free electrical installations find errors quickly and easily.

Network testers are small, battery-operated hand-held devices with displays, which detect the most important wiring errors when installing the network or in the active network. The wires can be quickly and easily checked for continuity, interruption, confusion or short circuit. The time domain reflectometry (TDR) can be used to precisely determine the cable length up to the error. For this purpose, a pulse is sent through the network, which is reflected at the faulty location. The time after which the signal arrives at the transmitter is determined, and the location of the error can be precisely located using the known signal propagation speed in the cable. This function is also useful for determining the cable lengths for use with cable gauges. The values are saved and the included software allows easy management and printout of the tests. In the active network, powerful network testers can log in by static IP address or DHCP and list the existing nodes with names, IP and MAC addresses. The addresses thus found can then be mapped with different frame sizes, for example from 32 to 1024 bits.

With the help of a continuous ping stress test, the runtime and the loss rate of the ping can be analyzed in a statistic. Power over Ethernet tests (PoE) according to IEEE 802.3af/at and now also bt are possible. PoE is a process that powers network-enabled devices, such as IP cameras or Wi-Fi access points, via the eight-wire Ethernet cable. Users can thus save on the cost of power cables. In the PoE stress test, the network tester checks the power available at the port up to 90 watts and determines whether the power supply is type A (the current is fed into wire pairs, which transmit data) or type B (the current is fed into unused wire pairs).

These features are also complemented by KE801 cable and line tracer, also included in KE7108 and KE7208, which is the only cable finder worldwide for copper and fiber optic installations. This allows fast and uncomplicated detection of all types of copper cables, wires and wire pairs in a very short time and detects faults such as interchanges, interruptions and overlaps. With RJ45 plug for the localization of active data ports by link-LED flashing at the switch and with a laser light source for testing the glass fiber for continuity and breakpoints with modulated frequencies of 270 Hz and 1 KHz.

For the installer or technician, the professional sets give a good return quickly. One can perform a variety of tests alone and quickly locate and safely fix all faults in power distributions and data interconnections. Through the time savings in the simple and non-contact cable search alone, the already inexpensive investment has paid off quickly. The rugged devices are housed in a sturdy plastic case, completely equipped with all test cables and batteries for an immediate start!