Technology partnership HFO-Kurth – Kurth Electronic

Technology partnership HFO-Kurth

Technology partnership HFO-Kurth

It is with great pleasure that we present our technology partnership with HFO Telecom, one of the pioneers in SIP trunking and VoIP telephony in Germany.

HFO Telecom is a renowned network operator for the products DSL and telephony (ISDN and VoIP) with headquarters in Oberkotzau near Hof.
Engineers working in the network and working on HFO products can now have predefined measurement profiles sent to us for our xDSL MultiTest family KE3700, KE3600, KE3550 and KE3500. This simplifies configuration and speeds up the overall effort of the measurement considerably.

In January 2018, Kurth Electronic will take part in a HFO industry meeting. More than 400 business customers of HFO are invited to this meeting and we get the opportunity to show our products there. We will continue to report on upcoming events.
Click here for the HFO report:

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